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Bomboniere or wedding favours have been given out as a tradition at weddings for many years. They are small gifts given to each guest as a mark of appreciation and gratitude from the bride and groom.

In times gone by Bomboniere were small trinket boxes made of crystal or porcelain containing sugar cubes or delicate confections. At this time sugar was very expensive so therefore presenting each guest with a pretty box containing sugar or products made from sugar symbolised wealth. Eventually sugar became affordable again and the confections were replaced by 5 almonds which symbolised fertility, longevity, wealth, health and happiness.

Today, commonly known as wedding favours, the options and styles are endless, ranging from the traditional sugared almonds encased in pretty net and smallĀ  petite boxes of chocolates to alcoholic miniatures. They can be personalised and made to co-ordinate with the colour theme of your special day. It is a very good idea to consult a bridal favours specialist just to see what exactly is on offer.