Booking a Wedding Registrar

Book a Registrar:

You can provisionally book a registrar to attend ceremony up to two years before it takes place.  We always recommend you contact us as early as possible in your planning process to have the best opportunity of booking your preferred ceremony time.

We will process a £50 non-refundable deposit at the time of your booking and an additional administration fee of £25 for each change made thereafter.

For marriages in Southend-on-sea call 01702 215009  or  Click to visit website

For marriages in Thurrock call 01375 375245 or Click to visit website

For Marriages in all other parts of Essex call 0345 603 7632

If you are getting married at a religious building we will be happy to assist you with your arrangements should you require a registrar to attend.


Register office fees

Notice fee (each) £35
Marriage/Civil Partnership at Essex Register Office, Seax House, Chelmsford £46

Approved venue fees

Notice fee (each) £35


Ceremonies in approved premises
Day 2015/16 2016/17
Weekday £380 £390
Saturday £415 £425
Sunday, Bank or Public Holiday £470 £480


Ceremonies in decommissioned ceremony rooms (at registration offices)
Day 2015/16 2016/17
Monday –Thursday £135 £145
Friday £200 £210
Saturday morning £260 £270


Ceremonies in community wedding venues
(available from 1 April 2016)
Day 2016/17 2017/18
Monday-Thursday £145 £156
Friday £210 £221
Saturday morning £270 £280


Religious building fees

Registrar attendance at a Registered Building £86.00

Conversion CP to marriage fees

Conversion fee costs £45.00.
Admin fee

Each request for change is charged at £25.
Notice of marriage/ civil partnership

Notice fee (each) £35

Renewal of vows and commitment ceremonies

Registration Office

Day From 1st April 2013 From 1st April 2016
Weekday £160.00 £170.00
Saturday £180.00 £190.00

Approved Venue

Day From 1st April 2013 From 1st April 2016
Weekday £220.00 £230.00
Saturday £255.00 £265.00
Sunday / Bank Holiday £280.00 £290.00

Application to grant civil ceremony marriage licence

Application to grant Civil Ceremony Marriage Licence
Pre inspection fee £100
Applicable for three years £1,700

Certified copy of certificates

Certificates can be ordered online via the Essex Records Office. Certificates are £7 each for the first 28 days after registration and £10 each following that.

We accept card, cheque or cash.


Required  Documents:

Documents At your notice appointment, you will need to provide evidence of your full name, nationality, age and proof of current address. Without these documents your notice will not be taken. Acceptable documents are listed below:

Proof of name, age and nationality For British Citizens

: Born before 1st January 1983

  • Current passport or
  • Birth certificate and photo ID with evidence of current name or
  • Naturalisation certificate and photo ID Born after 1st January 1983
  • Current passport or
  • Naturalisation certificate and photo ID or
  • Full birth certificate confirming you were born in the UK and showing your parents’ details, together with evidence of your parents’ nationality (passport or birth certificate) (If parents were not married to each other at the time of your birth, it must be your mothers documents, otherwise either parents documents can be provided)

For EEA:

  • Current passport or
  • National photo ID card issued in the country of birth. If this is not in English you must provide a translation.

Change of Name

  • If you have changed your name by deed poll or statutory declaration, please supply the original signed document.


Proof of current address:

Please bring one of the following documents:

  • A council tax bill dated no more than one year before the date of the appointment
  • A utility bill dated no more than three months before the date of the appointment
  • A bank statement or building society statement or passbook dated no more than one month before the date of the appointment
  • Valid UK driving licence.
  • Letter from the owner or proprietor of the address which is the persons place of residence which –
  • Confirms the person has resided at the address for the last seven days immediately prior to the date on which on the notice is given.
  • States name of owner / proprietor
  • States applicants name · States full address details
  • Signed and dated by the owner / proprietor Evidence of marital status (if you have been previously married or formed a civil partnership)
  • Decree absolute /Civil Partnership Dissolution
  • Foreign divorce document with independent English translation
  • Widow/Widower death certificate, with independent English translation if necessary If the document is not in English an independent translation is also required.

Some foreign divorces will need to be referred to the General Register Office before you can be married and this may delay the date of your marriage. Please also bring your original/certified copy of your marriage or civil partnership certificate. Alternatively if you have reverted back to your maiden name by a statutory change of name declaration, please supply the original signed document. All documents must be originals, photocopies will not be accepted.



Can my priest conduct my civil ceremony?

No, as you have chosen to have a civil ceremony, the ceremony must be carried out by a Deputy / Superintendent Registrar from the local registration office.

 Can I get married in my garden / friends garden?

Unfortunately not. The ceremony must take place in a licenced building / structure.

 What is the last time I can book for my ceremony?

Although the law was changed in 2014, allowing ceremonies to be held at any time of the day, the interpretation of the law was left down to each individual local authority.  Essex has taken the decision to allow for ceremonies not later than 7:30pm.

 Can my pet be part of my ceremony?

Where possible we will be as accommodating as we can for pets to be involved.  A lot depends upon the choice of venue, number of guests and the type of pet itself.  We do not allow for birds of prey to be flown during ceremonies held indoors for example, although outside is quite permissible.

 Can we have a gospel choir sing at our ceremony?

Although you are having a civil ceremony, providing the gospel choir are not dressed in robes, or are to sing hymns or any religious pieces of music, yes they would be allowed to sing.

 I would like to give my notice of marriage but I have realised my decree absolute shows my last married name and I have since reverted back to using my maiden name.  Can I still attend the appointment?

You would need a copy of your last marriage certificate to show the link where the decree absolute now relates to you, or alternatively if there had been children of the marriage you could use the birth certificates as both your maiden and married names should be shown on there.