Asian Weddings

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Asian Weddings are a rich tapestry of culture and religion. Asian people who are getting married in Britain want to follow their traditions and customs, but increasingly want to adopt …


Attendants Duties

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Best Man Organise The Stag Party (preferably not the night before the wedding). Organise the Ushers / Groomsmen on the wedding day. Supervise the issue of Buttonholes and Order of …

wedding favours

Bomboniere / Favours

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Sugar equalled wealth Bomboniere or wedding favours have been given out as a tradition at weddings for many years. They are small gifts given to each guest as a mark …


Boudoir Photography

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Discover the Passion Boudoir originally comes from the French word “bouder” meaning “to pout”. It is also used to describe a lady’s bedroom or private sitting room. Boudoir Photography involves …

Bridal Fabrics

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Bridal Fabrics and the Home Dressmaker To create an individual bridal gown at an affordable price is a reality and pleasure now available with the extensive choice of beautiful bridal …

Bridesmaids and flower girls

Bridesmaids and Flower Girls

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“Sugar, Spice and all things nice…” No matter how many bridesmaids you decide to have, they will look stunning and their style of dress will compliment your own outfit if …

Wedding Cars

Cars and Carriages

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“Get me to the Church on time” Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Daimler, Limousine or Horse and Carriage all go together with Love and Marriage… An important part of the …


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Food glorious food One  idea, if  the Bride’s parents have a sufficiently large house and garden, is to hire an attractive marquee. Under these circumstances, or if you are using …