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Dress CareCover with a duvet

Having selected the dress of your dreams you will want to ensure that it looks its best on your big day. Once you have collected it from the Designer or Boutique place it in a room where the light can not get to it. Preferably hang it from a high rail so it will not crease and remove it from the plastic protecting it, so that condensation will not gather in the dress, and make it damp. Once you have removed any plastic it is best to cover the whole dress with an old duvet cover or sheet to protect it from any dust.

When your wedding is over, and if you would like to keep your wedding dress safe it is essential that you have your gown cleaned and heirloomed. The heirlooming process will preserve the delicate laces, beading and delicate fabric. You may have the option of choosing a particular style of box to have it packed into.

When considering dry cleaners for your dress please ensure they are experienced in the process for wedding dresses. If your dress has very intricate beading, please make the cleaners aware of this matter.
Once your dress has been heirloomed it will be preserved for years. Traditionally brides dresses have been used to make christening gowns for the couples children.

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