Flower Preservation

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Flower Preservation

Flower Display PreservationAlthough perceived as a ‘new’ service to brides, the preservation of bridal flowers has been in existence since Victorian times, when it was recognised that the bride carried flowers individually chosen to represent bridal characteristics, eg white roses as a sign of purity, Rosemary as a token of remembrance.

Nowadays, this craft has been perfected so that the brides bouquet and accompanying flowers can be preserved by a process of dismantling and pressing the bouquet on an individual petal basis, which is then reconstructed and mounted into a frame which can be a flat picture or up to three dimensional. Mounts and backing materials can be satin, silk, velvet or water colour and can be coordinated to match your wedding theme.

To select the supplier, it is essential that you view actual samples of their work or portfolios and discuss the options available. All suppliers will have terms and conditions relating to their craft and stipulated requirements with regard to delivery and collection throughout their areas.

It is desirable that you advise your florist in advance that you intend having your bouquet preserved as this will influence the way in which the bouquet is put together. It is also advisable to book your specialist well in advance, especially if you are planning a summer wedding.

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