Get Fit to Marry

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Bridal FitnessSo you’ve got the man, the diamond ring and possibly even the dress.  Now all you need is the body to go with it.  But getting in shape for your wedding day is as much about feeling great as looking it.  Here are some tips for ensuring you are on top form, not just for the big day but long afterwards…


Whether you’re new to exercise or an old hand, the most important thing is to prepare.  Decide the date when you want to begin your “lifestyle changes” so that you can get organised beforehand.  This will involve stocking up the fridge and kitchen cupboards, as well as buying some decent trainers and looking at exercise options like joining a gym or hiring a personal trainer.  It helps to know where you’re starting from so weighing, measuring and testing yourself on Day 1 is a good idea.  Set yourself realistic goals and allow yourself plenty of time to achieve them.  There’s no point deciding you want to lose 2 stone just 6 weeks before your wedding.  Aim to lose 1-2lb per week and you’re more likely to keep that weight off in the long run.


By carefully blending exercise with a healthy diet you’ll feel more energetic and generally fitter, and you’ll burn fat rather than lean tissue.  Losing weight is a simple formula of burning more calories than you consume, so the easiest way to achieve this is by combining exercise (increased energy expenditure) with small dietary changes (reduced calorie intake).


This involves anything that gets you slightly out of breath and is an increase to your general activity levels.  If you are starting an exercise program for the first time, always speak to your GP.  Start with brisk walking for 15 minutes three times per week, and build up from there.  If you are accustomed to exercise then look to increase the intensity.  For example, if you are a runner, increase the distance you run, or implement some sprint training.  If you prefer moving to music then there are a variety of classes available to suit all tastes so see what’s on offer locally.  It’s also important to include some form of resistance training.  Many women worry they might “bulk up” if they lift weights but it won’t happen.  Instead you’ll gain a more toned physique:  Muscle burns more calories than fat, so this is a great supplement to any weight loss program.


Immediately look to increase the amount of water you drink by keeping a bottle with you at all times.  Not only will proper hydration stop unwanted cravings, it will also benefit your skin and improve concentration.  Aim to drink at least 2 litres per day; more when you are exercising and if the weather is hot.

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