Magical Entertainment

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Wedding MagicA Wedding Magician can work wonders

Close-up magic is the perfect ice breaker for a wedding reception. A good magician will mingle with your guests performing miracles in their hands and in front of their eyes. The gasps, the laughter, the applause and the shared sense of wonder will help to build the atmosphere and give your guests something to talk about, even if they have just met.

An experienced wedding magician will know how to work the room, how to approach different groups or singles guests and how to bring them together, when to entertain a table and how to work with the serving staff to help you achieve your perfect day.

The magician will entertain while you are busy with the photographer and your guests are left alone. He can provide a show at each table during the wedding breakfast, entertain while your room is being set up for the evening or bewilder your evening guests as they arrive. Some will only entertain for a couple of hours while others are more flexible and will offer you a variety of packages to fit in with your plans.

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