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For Planning Your Wedding

Jul 20
Wedding Day Tan: The Dos and Don’ts You NEED To Know

Regardless of your experience with tanning options, most brides will want that bronzed…

Jul 19
Honeymoon Packing: Carry On Bag Edition

Now you have your suitcases packed (well, we hope you do!) it is now time to focus on…

Jul 17
Bride Edition: 10 Things To Do The Night Before Your Wedding Day

The last night of being a Miss is here! Although you may be feeling very nervous,…

Jul 13
Groomsmen: The Wedding Weekend Packing List

Many wedding guests stay in hotels for convenience to attend a wedding. The role of…

Jul 11
7 Essentials That You Need To Include Your Wedding Invitations

An invitation is not just a piece of paper which tells guests the date and time of…

Jul 10
The Wedding Guide’s Reception Seating Basics You Need To Know

The reception seating plan is a delicate task. You may have a list of guests who can…


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