Helpful Tips

For Planning Your Wedding

Jul 27
Checklist: What To Do After You Have Booked Your Wedding Venue

You have booked the venue, now what?   We have created this planning checklist to…

Jul 23
Bride Edition: Things Not To Do The Night Before Your Wedding

We have spoken about what you can do the night before the wedding, but it is also…

Jul 20
Wedding Day Tan: The Dos and Don’ts You NEED To Know

Regardless of your experience with tanning options, most brides will want that bronzed…

Jul 19
Honeymoon Packing: Carry On Bag Edition

Now you have your suitcases packed (well, we hope you do!) it is now time to focus on…

Jul 17
Bride Edition: 10 Things To Do The Night Before Your Wedding Day

The last night of being a Miss is here! Although you may be feeling very nervous,…

Jul 13
Groomsmen: The Wedding Weekend Packing List

Many wedding guests stay in hotels for convenience to attend a wedding. The role of…


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