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Second Time Around

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BrideCelebrating a second wedding can take you on a journey beyond convention and tradition.

Couples find all sorts of imaginative ways to mark their new beginning in a unique and personal way. There is a real sense of freedom to be creative about their second wedding  that comes with the responsibility of paying one’s own way and having the confidence  to make your own choices. Making arrangements may be more complex  and involve  negotiations with ex-spouses, planning, you can celebrate in whatever way you choose and include as many family and friends as you wish.

Choosing Your Dress – When it comes to choosing your dress for a second wedding, the freedom from convention means you can choose something really different. Some brides choose to wear a traditional wedding gown, but you can wear almost anything you like, perhaps something you will enjoy again. There are many shops which offer you a range of spectacular outfits for every occasion.

Your Ceremony – If you would like a Church of England ceremony, you need to contact your local parish priest and in some circumstances a divorced person may not be allowed to remarry in church following a civil ceremony. Many couples now choose a licensed wedding venue where the ceremony is conducted by the Registrar on site.

Choosing your Venue – Beyond the more obvious “wedding venues” that advertise in this book, even your favourite restaurant may be delighted to host a party for your nearest and dearest. There are now all sorts of unusual venues where you can hold your celebrations, from country houses to places where you can go up in a hot air balloon, hire a canal boat – you can even marry on the London Eye. Make use of wedding exhibitions, magazines and the internet for ideas to make the most of this special occasion.