The History of White Dove Releases

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History of white dove releases

The releasing of White Doves has been a tradition since the 5th Egyptian Dynasty (4.5 thousand years ago) and is an expression of love and inspiration in many cultures.

Releasing White doves at weddings is an old world custom to symbolise blessings, peace, love and prosperity for the married couple. White doves play a key role in life’s celebrations because of their beauty and symbolism; a pair are used because they represent the bride and groom as their two lives unite and begin their journey; working together, in purity, with no regrets of their past; whilst building their new life, together forever.

Doves represent eternal life, love, peace, faith, purity, happiness and unity.

Different Cultures:

The Chinese culture is steeped in the meanings of doves; in fact, they regularly practice bird releases to ward off evil. For them, doves represent peace and a long life.

Greek mythology historically associated doves with the gods, and were considered the sacred animal of Aphrodite and Venus, the goddesses of love.

In these ancient cultures, the groom would give a dove to his bride, symbolizing his promise to care for her and her family.

Christian faith uses the dove to represent peace and love; important at Christmas, and referenced many times throughout the Bible and its many different books. Doves are therefore also very popular at funerals, as they represent a loved one’s spirit, being released to begin its final journey.

Doves are above all, considered devoted, loyal, trustworthy and honest.