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Wedding RingsNever ending love

Ancient Egyptians believed that a circular ring was a sign of undying, never ending love, a love without a beginning or an end.

Today, almost every bride wears a wedding ring and it is now becoming increasingly popular for grooms to receive a ring as well during their vows. The choice of wedding ring styles is virtually limitless; you may want to visit several jewellers before making your final decision.

Engagement Ring

If a bride is wearing an engagement ring, the choice of wedding ring must centre around that ring. There may be a ready match available although in some instances the bride’s wedding ring may have to be custom made to ensure a super fit with her engagement ring.

Groom’s Ring

Many couples think in terms of matching wedding rings, but if the bride’s wedding ring is to complement her engagement ring then in some cases the groom will have to pick a different style to his bride, which pleases him and suits his hand.

Rings are available in yellow or white Gold; 9ct.,18ct., 22ct., and platinum, they can be traditional or modern, wide or narrow, incorporating  diamonds or coloured stone detailing and personalised engraving… The Choice is yours

The Fit

Ensure you achieve the correct fit as day in, day out, year after year no other piece of apparel can compete with the hours you wear your wedding ring.

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