Wedding Co-ordinator

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Wedding Co-ordinator6 weeks to sort

A Wedding Co-ordinator is today’s solution for the busy professional bride to be, not willing to settle for second best or leave things to chance for her special day. It makes sense to consult an expert when spending this much money.

The average UK bride spends 250 hours organising her wedding – that’s equal to six full-time working weeks!

How a co-ordinator benefits you…
A co-ordinator can save you valuable time searching for the right venue or supplier, reduce stress, save you money and bring the benefit of professional event co-ordination to your day. Most couples are on a restricted budget and want to do things right. A wedding co-ordinator will help you set a realistic wedding budget, based on how much you have to spend. In most cases, a wedding co-ordinator will save you money!

What a wedding co-ordinator will do for you…

  • Budget– Help you set a realistic budget and stick to it! A co-ordinator has all kinds of creative ideas for helping your dreams come true – even on a limited budget.
  • Recommendations– Recommend experienced and professional suppliers specific to your requirements.
  • Negotiations– Negotiate preferential rates with suppliers. Discounts earned with suppliers are often passed onto you.
  • Schedules– Develop a schedule and work plan and ensure you keep track of progress.
  • Advice– Advise on wedding etiquette and help diffuse stressful situations, such as dealing with seating arrangements without offending relatives.
  • Supervise– Supervise the wedding day to ensure everything runs to the timetable and manage the bridal party and ushers in terms of their responsibilities.