Wedding invitations

Wedding Invitations

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Wedding invitationsReflect your wedding style

Choose your wedding invitations carefully as they are the first contact you will have with your guests and can reflect the style you have for your special day. It is advisable to select all wedding stationery well in advance; invitations should be sent approximately three months before your wedding day, once the order is placed, the work itself will take between two and three weeks.


You will need one for each family but it is advisable to allow a few extra copies for last minute additions to your guest list. A wider circle of guests may be invited to an evening reception and you can choose matching cards for this purpose. You can vary the style of wording to suit either a formal or informal wedding and your printer should be able to advise you. After all, this may be your first wedding, but they deal with them all the time.


An attractive and practical way to encourage prompt replies is to send a matching reply card with the invitation.

Order of Service

For a church wedding it is suggested that you give each guest an Order of Service (having first checked all the details with the Priest/Minister before placing your order).  Remember the organist and choir will need copies too.

The Reception

Matching place cards, serviettes, book matches and wedding scrolls are provided plain or printed with the names of the bride and bridegroom; menus are also available. As well as being attractive, these items also make popular keepsakes. Order enough serviettes so that your guests can take home a piece of wedding cake and do not forget to order cake boxes for those unable to attend.

Thanking Guests

Notepaper or notecards are a delightful way to send your thanks for wedding gifts and a useful way of informing people of your new address. Finally, always select from as wide a selection of designs as possible to give you every opportunity to choose a style which matches your taste and pocket.

The Request Line

Be sure to specify if your guest is invited to the wedding ceremony or the reception only. It is considered bad manners to invite the guest to just the ceremony, although the guest may choose to leave before the reception.

  1. Request your presence at
  2. Cordially invite you to
  3. Would be delighted by your presence at

The Date and Time

There is a formal and informal version.

  1. Formal- Saturday, the nineteenth of December. One o’clock in the afternoon.
  2. Informal- Saturday, December 19 2015. 1 o’clock. Or, December 19th. 1p.m, or December 19th 2015. 1PM


Did you know the address is optional? It’s traditional not to include street addresses of well-known locations, but this is less common now.

Reception Information

If the reception is at the same place as the ceremony, you need only say “reception follows.” If it is in a different location, a separate card is often used.

No kids? Write “Adult Reception.”


You can include a separate self-addressed envelope for the RSVP or some modern couples have guests RSVP online.