wedding shoes

Wedding Shoes

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wedding shoesOnce the Wedding dress has been chosen it is time to turn your attention to shoes. Choosing the right shoes is crucial to your style and comfort during the big day. There is a vast array of Bridal shoes on the market today and finding the right ones can be a task.

First of all, decide upon your style – do you want flat, heels, boots, sling-backs, hand embroidered mules or satin trainers? The list can be endless. Shop around for your shoes, try looking on the internet if you know what style you are looking for. Prices can range from as little as a few pounds for simple satin ballet slippers to hundreds of pounds for a pair of Jimmy Choo designs.

You will need to take along your shoes when going for your dress fitting, as the  length of your dress will depend upon the height of your shoes.

One of the most important things to think about when you choose your shoes is whether or not they are comfortable, remember you will be standing up for the majority of the day and those 7 inch heel, strappy sandals may turn out to be your enemy by 9pm!

Shoes can be dyed to match the Bridesmaid’s or Mother’s outfits if necessary, visit a specialist shoe shop for advice and ideas.

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