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Wedding DJAs your planning of the day flows into the evening you will no doubt be hoping to entertain your guests. There are numerous options to choose depending on your budget – Live Music, Big Bands, Firework Displays.

A DJ is normally the first thought, many venues include one in their “package”. If the venue is supplying a DJ you should ask what reduction you will get for supplying your own as you may be able to source your own for similar money or a bit less (however bear in mind their recommended DJ will have all the appropriate paperwork/equipment already in place, but it is worth checking.)

If the venue does not have a recommended DJ here are some tips to help you choose the best DJ for you.


  1. Check availability – Good DJ’s are booked early.
  2. Check prices and what is included.
  3. Ask for references from previous jobs.
  4. Check all equipment is packed, tested and the DJ has public liability insurance.
  5. Make sure you let the DJ know when they can set up and if there are any access issues to the venue.
  6. Always ask to see photos or videos of their ‘rig’ so you can check if their set up is what you expect.
  7. Confirm everything by e-mail.

Many people ask how DJ’s do their pricing? This depends on many factors, how far they have to travel, how many people are with them (if they have a lot of equipment then they many need help to set up), how long they are playing for and of course supply and demand.

Most DJ’s will take a deposit and then payment up to 1 month before, some prefer to have the balance on the night. You may wish to pay everything through the bank.

Always check with your DJ a couple of weeks before to ensure he has everything playlist wise and all details are confirmed for the night.

To ensure your guests get the most from the night here are some suggestions that will the evening go with a swing. Most DJ’s will ask you to provide details of the “first dance” music and other dances you may want to include i.e. “father daughter dance”, a good tip here it to avoid any ‘live’ recordings while they may sounds atmospheric on a small device the recording may leave a lot to be desired when played over a bigger sound system. It is a good idea to give your DJ details of any songs that may have special meaning to you both or to your family and friends, also if there are any tracks of music you DO NOT want played, this will help any embarrassing sprints to the DJ stand to tell them to change the tracks. A nice idea would be when you send your invites out, ask your guests if they have a favourite track and to include it in their RSVP. This will enable you to build a list to supply the DJ with of a selection of music for all the guests. However in the end a professional DJ will ‘read’ the audience and vary the music to ensure the dance floor is full all night long.

Think about how you would like the evening to finish, you may want to get the DJ to get your guests to form a ‘guard of honour’ so you can say goodnight to everyone, this can be done in lines or as a circle.

It is worth bearing in mind that the evening itinerary is quite important, if you want to have a busy dance floor here are some things to bear in mind.

Try and have the “first dance” when all the evening guests have arrived. Then if you are having evening food try and make sure this is not too late, preferably no later than 9pm (if it is 12 midnight finish) this will allow your guests to enjoy the food and still give them time to dance those calories off before the end.

At some weddings a member of the wedding party or a guest have wanted to do a speech or some kind of act later on in the evening, some have worked very well but a lot of the time this breaks up the evening dancing, it is a good idea to run anything like this past the DJ prior to the night so he can give you his opinion on what time it may be appropriate to carry out your particular “special guest spot”.

Most of all invest the time in finding the DJ that will give you and your guests the best evening. Relax and Enjoy! Any questions please call The Wedding Guide Team on 01702 521533 and speak to John.

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