12 Key Signs You Are Ready To Marry

Love is love, but how do you know when you are ready to marry? The second biggest decision of life (the first being babies of course), marriage is a commitment you need to ensure you are ready to make before vows are exchanged. Therefore, we have created this blog to highlight 12 key signs that you are ready to marry!


  1. Marriage is on your mind… 24/7


The thought of marriage some becomes something that occupies your thoughts as much as life necessities such as sleep, food and love.


  1. You notice stranger’s engagement rings


Most people notice other people’s eyes first, but you notice their engagement ring first… a key tell-tale sign you are ready.


  1. When thinking about your future, your partner is 100% in it


When someone asks you, ‘where do you see yourself in 5 years?’ your automatic reaction should include your partner in it. Marriage means you become a team. If you do not see your partner in your future it may be time to question whether marriage is the right decision for you.


  1. You can talk openly about money, babies and marriage


Some of the biggest decision makers in your relationship should be around the topics of money, babies and marriage- if you can talk about all three openly, this is a solid formation.


  1. You have trusted your partner with your vulnerabilities


Allowing others to see your biggest insecurities is incredibly brave and requires a deep level of trust. If you have allowed your partner in (and they have done the same), marriage will be a piece of cake.


  1. You want to speak to your partner before anyone else when you have good news


If your automatic reaction to good news is to first tell your partner, they are the one for you.


  1. The same way that if you have bad news, your partner is your first call


Again, your partner should be your rock in bad times as well as the good.


  1. You completely trust them


You do not question their loyalty to you. No matter where they go or for how long, you know they only have eyes for you.


  1. You never question their love for you


Their love for you should always be apparent and prominent in your relationship. You will genuinely believe they have and always will love you.


  1. Even if you couldn’t have the wedding of your dreams, you would still marry them


You do not need the extravagant wedding in order to feel that love and emotion when exchanging vows and rings. A simple service at the registry office is more than enough.


  1. You look forward to seeing them after a long day at work


A great way to know if the love is real is when you have had a really tough day at work and the first thing you want to do is get home to your partner and hug.


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