4 Winter Wedding Must Haves

You may be wondering, ‘Winter weddings? We are only just having our summer’. Yes, in real time there is still 7 months until winter begins, but in ‘wedding time’ it is basically 7 days away. Wedding planning takes months, even years to do! Therefore we have made this blog post for all those ‘winter wedding’ brides. Here are 4 of our winter wedding must-haves that you may not have thought of.


Fire and warmth – As much as the winter weather will provide stunning photographs, keeping warm is necessary for both you and your guests! Invest in wool throws or blankets, they will not only be highly appreciated on the day but also years after as a keepsake. Also having log fires dotted around will provide that extra cosy feel.

Lighting – Lighting is very important for your photographs as well as creating a warm and romantic space. The winter nights draw in early, meaning efficient lighting is necessary as early as possible.

Drinks – A summer wedding usually revolves around ice-cold cocktails on arrival, but remember it will most probably be very cold for your guests. Invest in hot drinks bar to provide a warming cup of hot chocolate, mulled wine or even a signature hot beverage to take away the chill.

Bring the outdoors in – As much as you want the outdoor winter aesthetic to be the focal point of your wedding, the weather may mean being outdoors for lengths of time may not be comfortable for you and your guests. Recreate the outdoor feel indoors, meaning it will be warmer and cosier with the same desired ‘winter look’.


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