45 Unique Wedding Cake Flavours You Need To Know About

Some may think of a wedding cake as simply a Victoria Sponge or a Fruitcake, let us tell you… no more! There are endless possibilities for the flavour of cake to have at your wedding, with you in mind we have created this blog post which highlights 45 of our favourite unique flavours which you are sure to love. One of the best things about cake flavours is that you can keep the appearance clean and simple, but give your guests a surprise with a distinctive taste. Whether you’re a chocolate, citrus or an alcohol lover- there is something for everyone.


Chocolate Theme


  • Chocolate and peppermint
  • Chocolate and peanut butter
  • Chocolate and chilli
  • Chocolate and vanilla
  • Why not have your favourite chocolate bar incorporated- Fruit and nut? Caramel? Crunchie? The choice is yours


Citrus Theme


  • Lemon and lemon sugar buttercream
  • Lime and ginger
  • Orange and chocolate berries
  • Lemon and white chocolate


Fruity Theme


  • Pear, with almond crunch and passion fruit
  • Banana and praline butter
  • Apple, cinnamon and raisin (PERFECT for a winter wedding!)
  • Raspberry and cream
  • Strawberries and champagne
  • Apple and salted caramel


Tropical Theme


  • Coconut and rum
  • Vanilla and mango
  • Spiced coconut
  • Vanilla and passion fruit
  • Vanilla and pineapple
  • Banana, coconut and white chocolate


Quirky Theme


  • Vanilla and rose
  • Lavender and honey
  • Rhubarb and rose
  • Red velvet and cream cheese
  • Cinnamon and vanilla cheesecake


Veggie Theme


  • Butternut squash and orange
  • Carrot cake and mango cream
  • Beetroot and chocolate
  • Sweet potato and cocoa
  • Pumpkin and peanut butter
  • Courgette and pistachio nuts


Tea & Coffee Theme


  • Green tea with dark chocolate
  • Matcha green tea
  • Earl Grey tea and lavender
  • Mocha and chocolate
  • Espresso and white chocolate
  • Chai tea and vanilla


Alcohol Theme


  • Champagne and berries
  • Rum and ginger
  • Guinness and chocolate
  • Amaretto soaked
  • Pimms, vanilla and mint
  • Piña colada and coconut
  • Brandy and apple


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