5 Details You Should Know About Being A Bridesmaid

You have been asked to be a bridesmaid, you are probably the happiest girl in the world right now. You will be envisioning a wild hen party, calm and tasteful afternoon teas discussing the wedding planning and breathtaking wedding gown shopping with the bride. BUT… there are some details you should be ready for in order to be the best bridesmaid you can! Listen up maids, it is time to get serious.


  1. Bride Buddy – At the hen party you may expect to be living it up, but in reality, you will be the support system to the bride. It is the bride’s one night where she can truly let loose before getting married, therefore be ready to take care of her. Whether that be holding her hair back, arranging a taxi home, warding off unwanted attention or keeping her bag safe, be ready and willing! We are sure the bride will have or will return the favour.
  2. Speak Up – There may be situations where the bride will be too polite to say if someone is annoying her. For example, if at the bridal shower one of the guests are pregnant and is overshadowing the bride, it is your responsibility to pull that person aside and remind them that you are all there to celebrate the bride, that’s it. If there’s any negative energy, take into upon yourself to “bridesmaid up”.
  3. Helper – As the bride’s bridesmaid you will be another helper to make sure the day runs smoothly. You will support the maid of honour and mother of the bride to ensure the bride is happy at all times. You will provide support in a range of areas where needed, e.g. venue set up, making sure the groomsmen’s ties are correct, checking the rings are safe, entertaining any younger members of the bridal party or even swapping shoes with the bride if her feet start to hurt.
  4. The Dress – We recommend that you attend the final fitting of the bride’s dress so that a professional can teach you how to get the bride in and out of her dress. For example a corset or if the train needs to be bustled. By preparing how to do these things it will create ease in mind for the bride that someone can help her.
  5. One of the most important, but forgotten parts of a bridesmaid’s duties- Helping the bride go to the toilet. Yes, the scene you see in the movies is true, it will be your responsibility to help the bride whenever she needs the loo, being that helping hand by holding up the dress.


At the end of the wedding, we are sure all you will remember is the good parts- the excitement, the laughs and the tears. Don’t think of the above details as bad, think of them as representations of the friendship and love between you and the bride. Be there to support your friend in any situation, even if it means getting your hands (or dress!) a little dirty.


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