5 Different Hen Party Ideas That You And Your Bridal Party Will Love

We know not everybody’s idea of a good time is partying in Ibiza, guzzling tequila shots like they are water whilst dancing to 90’s club classics. Although those who do like the idea of this… do it! This blog post explores 5 different hen party ideas that you and your bridal party will LOVE.

Hen Party? More Like A Zen Party!

It has become increasingly popular to have what is called a ‘Zen Party. These types of parties promote relaxation, a calming atmosphere and meditation to take away the stresses of wedding planning before the big day. Either do this at home, on vacation or there are even yoga retreats which have packages for zen parties. There are soooo many options to choose from in the world of hen parties.

The Bridal Bake Off

Perhaps take a trip to a baking school where you and your bridal party can compete in the ultimate bake-off!! Some lighthearted and competitive fun before the big day, taking your mind away from the stresses of the wedding… plus you have a large amount of cake at the end. Win-win situation!

The Final Body Blast

Most brides and bridal parties undergo major fitness and diet shakeups in the build-up to the wedding. If you’re up for a challenge, consider a bootcamp session designed to not only bash your body but also some competitiveness and laughs for you and your friends and family. It could even provide some unforgettable memories to bring up in the wedding speeches, everyone loves a funny story at a wedding… although not too embarrassing.

The Well Deserved Break

To some wedding planning is a piece of cake, but to others, it is the most stressful part of their lives. For those that have felt the pressures of planning, consider a spa break for you and your party to focus on nothing but the massage therapist removing every bit of tension in your neck. As much as you are stressed, I am sure your bridal party have felt the strain too, therefore, all visiting a spa for a few days might be heaven to their ears.

The Classic Slumber Party

Why not take it back to when you and your friends were 13 years old and the idea of a ‘wild’ night was a sleepover which featured a questionable amount of sweets, J20 and chick-flick movies. Recreate these nights by having a hen party themed pyjama party with some amazing throwback stories, music and cocktails. Make it as wild or as chill as you desire!

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