5 Exciting Ways To Celebrate Your 1st Anniversary

If you have clicked on this blog, it means your 1st wedding anniversary is coming up- congratulations! We are sure you are filled with emotions at the thought of being married to the love of your life for a whole year, with many more to come. Due to it being such a special moment, we have collated 5 exciting ways to celebrate, keep reading to find out.


Relive your wedding day

Although the big day has been and gone, it does not mean you cannot try to relive the moment. Why not visit your wedding location? Look through the photo album? Watch your wedding video *popcorn, wine and tissues at the ready*? Or even eat a slice of your wedding cake! No need to worry, if you freeze it correctly you will be able to enjoy a piece of your wedding, for real.


Take a second honeymoon

If within budget, why not take a second honeymoon? Annimoon? We aren’t sure if that is a thing but we like the sound of that. You can completely re-do the original honeymoon, or take a trip somewhere you have always wanted to go, somewhere extra romantic to celebrate the occasion.


Get glam and go out!

We are sure the last time you had professional hair, makeup and a nice outfit was probably your wedding, therefore get glam once again. That feeling of getting dressed up will take your memories back to the morning of your wedding, getting ready to marry the love of your life. Of course, once dolled up you must go out. Where you go depends on your preferences, but perhaps an evening meal at a posh restaurant?


Treat yourself

By now you should hopefully have recovered from paying the wedding debt. Therefore, splurge on a little something memorable. This will be something you can keep forever to remember that first year of marriage. Here is something to think about, 1st-anniversary gift theme is paper…


Good old night in

For some couples, something big and lavish is not the ideal choice. Why not be traditional and have a cosy night in instead. Although at home, it does not mean you cannot have a romantic evening together!


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