5 Reasons Why You DO NOT Need To Wear A White Wedding Dress

Most brides follow the tradition of a white dress on their wedding day, but do you know why this tradition was formed? It was Queen Victoria’s wedding in 1840 where she wore an all-white dress which started the trend of brides wearing plain white gowns. Before her dress debut, most brides wore their Sunday-best for their wedding day. Although a tradition, it is important to know you DO NOT need to wear a white wedding dress if you do not want to! Because of this, we have collated 5 reasons why you do not need to wear white.


Traditions are not rules

Tradition by definition is the transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation, or the fact of being passed on in this way. This is highly different from a rule, therefore do not fall under the pressure of wearing a white dress if you do not want to. It is your wedding day after all, if you wish to marry in a bin bag then do it! Your opinion is all that matters.


White is not always best for photos

Depending on a range of factors such as weather, skin tone, hair colour, and the photographer’s camera skills could mean your photographs are overexposed or blown out- not the ideal wedding image. Wedding photography is a niche type of photography, therefore ensure you have seen your chosen photographer’s previous work to ensure they are able to take photos without the dress dominating the image. Check out our blog, 6 Questions To Ask Before You Book A Wedding Photographer for some more help!


Not everyone suits wearing white

Some of us simply do not suit wearing white. You will want to feel as comfortable as possible, therefore if wearing white does not make you feel comfortable then don’t feel like you have to wear it. Other colours could be more suited to you, therefore do not rule them out during your wedding dress shopping. If you have found a dress but it only comes in white you could always ask if the material can be dyed to your ideal colour. When we say ‘colour’ we do not mean only extremely bright or incredibly dark colours, it could even be a pale blush or lemon- it is your choice!


Dirt is most visible on white

Nothing shows dirt or marks more than the colour white. If you are paranoid about having a dirty dress then why not choose a different shade as this will disguise any marks that do occur. You cannot expect your dress to be pristine from start to finish, no matter how you plan your wedding the dress is sure to collect some dirt along the way.


Why not be different?

To some, breaking away from tradition is an appealing thought, being different is not a bad thing. If you wish to be a bit more quirky with your dress choice then make sure to do what makes you happy. You will only have this day once, make sure it is everything you want it to be… if that includes a black dress then go for it!


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