5 Ways To Recycle & Reuse Your Wedding Dress

A bride’s wedding dress is seen as one of the most important purchases prior to the big day. However, after the wedding day is over it tends to spend the rest of its’ life collecting dust in the back of your wardrobe alongside lots of questionable fashion choices you’ve most probably forgot about.

If you want to explore different and unusual ways of reusing your wedding dress, have a look at our top five ideas.


1. Pass it on

Whether you’re already parents, or plan to be in the future, keeping your dress back for your daughter’s wedding day can be a really nice way of utilising it. Alternatively, you may wish to contact the seamstress and have it transformed into a new dress for your little one to wear at their christening. Since they hold such sentimental value, you could go one step further and have the dress made into dollies for your children to play with.


2. Sell it on

These days, the average wedding dress will set you back approximately £1,350, so having such an expensive piece of clothing sit in your wardrobe for the moths to attack is not ideal. If your dress is still somewhat fashionable, there’s a chance you could recoup some of the money you spent on it via auction sites such as Craigslist or eBay. Alternatively, you could also try and sell it back to the bridal shop for a reduced price.


3. Get creative

Taking a pair of scissors to your wedding gown could feel a little daunting, but if you can’t imagine your dress tucked away in a box, just imagine what beautiful items you could create with the material and details from your gown. Items may include a gorgeous clutch bag you could take to future events; a table runner to remind you of your special day as you eat dinner; even a Christmas stocking if you wanted to get most imaginative. Each year when you hang them out (and your children get to grab gifts out of them), you’ll get an added sense of happiness as you think back to the dress you wore on your wedding day.


4. Transforming it into a party dress

It seems such a waste to leave such a beautiful looking dress hang in your wardrobe, never to be used again. Instead, have you not thought about transforming it into an evening dress for special occasions or formal events? Websites such as Pinterest are fantastic for providing some much-needed inspiration. Even if it means taking it up several inches so that the hem is off the floor or dyeing your dress a different colour, don’t dismiss the idea right away.


5. Renew your vows

Have you ever considered wearing your dress again as a wedding gown? 25 years from now, on your Silver Wedding Anniversary, you and your husband may decide to renew your vows. If by then you haven’t passed it on, sold it or transformed it into something completely different, you could wear the very same dress you wore all those years ago. There’s a chance you may decide to alter it to keep in with the times or wear it as it is, whatever decision you make, be happy that this is a sentimental and romantic reuse of your dress.