6 Of The Best Budget Honeymoon Destination Ideas

Now you have got most of the wedding planning sorted, it is time to decide on a honeymoon destination! The honeymoon is the final celebration of your marriage, to enable a feeling of togetherness and simply have some fun which may have lacked during the build-up to the wedding.


#1 Tulum, Mexico

With an endless supply of white sand, activities and tequila, Mexico may be the ideal place for you! Mexico is a well-known destination for being affordable whilst being packed with everything for newlywed couples. Although the country can be expensive with some hotels charging $500 a night, you can easily find budget-friendly options too which are just as beautiful.


#2 Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico offers some of the cheapest hotel prices out of the Caribbean destinations. Not only are they cheap anyway, they are affordable all year round with the autumn months bringing the best bargains. Their capital city, San Juan has multiple cultural attractions and activities for you to enjoy, as well as nightlife! If you are looking for something more relaxing, Puerto Rico also has miles upon miles of secluded sandy beaches.


#3 Portugal

One of the most affordable western Europe destinations, Portugal is even cheaper than its neighbours Spain and Greece with the same lovely warm weather. Portugal has a sense of historical charm with its ancient castles, fishing villages and olive groves which will definitely get your mouth watering.


#4 Tatai, Cambodia

Although their flights are not cheap, southeast Asia is one of the cheapest parts to explore as expenses such as food, attractions and gifts cost next to nothing. One of the best things about Cambodia is that the temperature remains similar all year round, with mid-April being the hottest at around 92.3°F (33.5°C).


#5 Lake Tahoe, Nevada or California

Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, it can be found between the border of California and Nevada in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. If you are someone who likes variety in their vacation, Lake Tahoe is one of the few places where you are able to lay on the beach, hike or even ski in the mountains all in the same day! As well as plenty of daytime activities, the area has a tremendous nightlife with multiple casinos. Offering you a range of activities to keep you going throughout the time of your holiday.


#6 Oahu, Hawaii

You may be thinking ‘Whaaaaat. Hawaii being budget-friendly?!’ Yes, for the most part, Hawaii is an expensive honeymoon destination, BUT there are cheaper parts which are just as beautiful, flavourful and authentic. The island of Oahu is one of them! Fancy yourself a surfer? Surf season on the North Shore begins in November and ends in February. However, during the summer, the big waves of the North Shore subside for ideal beach going conditions. Oahu has both big waves for surfers, and calm, warm waters for you to enjoy, as well as endless adventures and a dynamic nightlife.


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