6 Questions To Ask Before You Book A Wedding Photographer

You are currently looking for a wedding photographer, hence why you clicked on this blog! In this post, we discuss some vital questions you should ask before you book them for your big day. You will want to know exactly what to expect, with no room for surprises. The whole reason why you want a photographer is to document the memories you are about to make, therefore a photographer who can pass these questions will be your best choice.


Have you photographed at my venue before?

If the answer is yes, ask to see examples of the photos at this venue. This will provide insight into what your images will look like. It could also tell you how you do not want your photos taken, for example, someone else may have loved a high angle shot but you might not want this, therefore point this out to your photographer. If not, they could perhaps arrange to visit the venue beforehand to prepare some ideas on how they want to capture your big day.


Can I request certain photos to be taken?

You should be able to request certain photos to be taken, it is YOUR wedding and you are paying for service which the photographer should be able to meet. Of course, if you are asking for an unrealistic image to be taken, expect for them to say no. But if your request is reasonable they should be able to comply.


How many hours are included in this package?

You should get the number of hours they will be on site photographing in writing in order for you to get exactly what you pay for. If you have this in writing and you or your maid of honour notice them slacking on the day you will be well in your rights to tell them to carry on photographing. There is nothing worse than not having it specified how long the photographer will be capturing moments for and they end up leaving before you have your first dance.


How much would it cost for an additional hour?

Most weddings never run to plan, therefore make sure to ask if they will be flexible and stay for extra time if needed and the costs which incur from doing this. Some of the best reception photos happen at the end of the night, therefore, making sure your photographer can stay extra if needed is essential!


How much extra is it for 2 photographers?

The photographer cannot be in all places at one time, therefore it may be good to see if they have assistants which can help with the wedding photos. This could make the difference in capturing those extra moments which may have been missed if only one person is photographing.


How long after the wedding should I expect to wait for the photographs?

The anticipation for the wedding photographs can be a killer. By knowing how long roughly you will have to wait will lower the suspense and not cause unnecessary stress. On average it takes 2-8 weeks for your images to be finished, but ask your photographer as at peak season it may take longer.


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