7 Essentials That You Need To Include Your Wedding Invitations

An invitation is not just a piece of paper which tells guests the date and time of your wedding, there are many other important factors to consider when designing your invites. With this in mind, we have created this blog to help engaged couples who are about to fully immerse themselves in their wedding, the invites are when reality really hits… You are getting married!


Essential #1

Of course, you need to include date, time, location etc. But you also need to provide your guests with a dress code, the ideal dress is sometimes confusing for some. By giving your guests a general theme to stick to, they will be able to dress appropriately. For example, if you are having a wedding on a farm your theme may be ‘Ballgowns and Wellie boots’ not only does this stick to the theme, it also is practical as you may require your guests to walk through a muddy field. Also, similar dress means your wedding photos will remain consistent and flow, making your wedding album very aesthetically pleasing!


Essential #2

Not everyone has their reception in the same place as the ceremony, make sure to provide an extra reception information card to ensure your guests do not get lost in their travels. Information such as time, address, food requirements, bar requirements, disability access etc could be included on the card- go as in-depth as you like.


Essential #3

Similar to the above, include directions and maybe a map to keep things as clear as possible for those travelling to the wedding. Especially if you have many out of towners who do not know the area well, this will help them navigate to the ceremony and reception reducing the risk of getting lost and being late. Also, include public transport options and local taxi phone numbers to further help your guests.


Essential #4

Plus ones are often a topic for debate, should they be allowed at such a personal event? Regardless of your opinion, you will need to clarify to your guests exactly WHO is invited, this saves the awkward conversation as to why there are not enough seats for your cousin’s boyfriend that wasn’t actually invited. The topic of children also needs to be addressed as weddings differ on whether children are allowed in the ceremony and reception- make sure to clarify this or even provide helpful options. The ‘wedding nanny’ is slowly increasing in popularity, this is a designated watcher of the children during the ceremony to avoid a tantrum mid ‘I Do’.


Essential #5

Accommodation in the area is helpful to provide guests as you may have many out of towners, or generally, your guests want to drink alcohol and do not want the stress of returning home. We suggest providing a range of price points for hotels, b&bs or apartments so that all your guests are catered for if needs be.

TIP: If you know many of your guests will need an overnight stay, speak to a local hotel to see if you could receive a discounted rate if a certain number of rooms are booked for the same night.


Essential #6

A good idea to include in your invites is your gift list. A gift list is a great option to avoid wasteful or unnecessary gifts for the newlyweds. Personal circumstances such as a new home, newborn child, honeymoon or even providing a charity you wish your guests to donate to could all be reasons for why you need to include a wedding gift list. Why not provide a link to an online list! This is more cost-effective, green and generally more helpful for your guests.


Essential #7

Your RSVP’s are VITAL to your wedding planning. This will indicate catering, drinks, entertainment, gifts, venue size etc. therefore getting as many of your invited guests to respond quickly is essential. Make sure to provide contact details to ensure you know exactly who is and who is not attending.

TIP: Create a wedding email address for all of your correspondence with vendors, RSVPs and booking details to keep everything in one central place- important information will not be misplaced.


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