7 Tips For Hiring Your Wedding Entertainment

There are many things to consider before booking your wedding entertainment. You need to make sure you are getting the most out of them to make your big day as special as possible. There are a variety of options available, remember to consider theme, budget and preference towards your choice. Here are 7 of our top tips when hiring your wedding entertainment.


#1 Book well in advance – Choosing and booking early means you are not only more likely to get your first choice, you could also get a reduced rate. Budget can be tight, therefore an opportunity to save money should be grasped with two hands. Did you know the most popular wedding bands are booked 18-12 months in advance? Make sure to get in there FAST!


#2 Off-peak – The most popular months to get married are between June and September, if you choose to book a date outside these months you could save a large chunk of money. Choosing a weekday rather than a weekend could also mean your ideal band becomes a lot more affordable. If the date is busy they can charge more, therefore consider your date very carefully.


#3 Consider wedding timings – A wedding will very rarely run to plan. Be realistic with your timings as this could affect availability and cost of your desired entertainment. For example, if you are booking the band from 4 pm with your guests eating at 3:30 pm, it may be very unlikely that your guests will have ended the wedding breakfast by then. Because of this, you will have to put off the entertainment for another hour, wasting payment for that time. Be careful and ask your venue for advice. The venue probably hosts hundreds of weddings per year, so will have the right idea when it comes to a realistic entertainment schedule.


#4 Space availability – There is no point booking a band who will not fit into the allocated area. This will not only make you very upset, but it will also waste time, money and effort. Once you have booked the venue, decide on an area where the entertainment will be and measure it! When deciding on the entertainment, think about the space you have and imagine your guests in the venue before adding the band into the mix.


#5 Venue restrictions- Your venue may have restrictions on the size, type of music and instruments allowed to be played whilst on site. They have their brand to protect, therefore may be picky about what sort of band can play there. They may also have factors such as sound limiters which could affect your band’s aesthetic, for example, if you want a rock band it may not sound great if they have to keep the volume to a minimum.


#6 Check the t&cs – Entertainment companies may provide terms and conditions for their involvement with your wedding. Pay close attention to their t&cs as there may be some loopholes which could result in tears on your behalf. For example, cancellation policies and amount of time playing.


#7 Book via a directory – By using a reputable directory you can know that the company you want to play at your wedding are trustworthy. They also save you a LOT of time as a variety of options can be found in one place rather than spending all night trawling through Google. Time management is essential in your wedding planning, therefore a directory will save minutes, hours, perhaps even days!


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