7 Unique And Funky Wedding Transport Ideas

To some brides a limo or classic car is perfect for them, for others, they may want something a bit more, well, funky. In this blog post, we discuss 7 unique and quirky wedding transport ideas which are different from the norm.


Pickup Truck

A classic American vehicle which embodies a feeling of ‘cool’ to a wedding. You can envision yourself; chucking the luggage in the back, hoping in next to your now husband with his arm around you whilst you drive off into the sunset, hearing the clangs of your wedding cans… The classic American movie exit!


Morris Minor

Bringing it back to the UK, the Morris Minor is the ultimate English classic car. There simply does not seem to be anything more traditionally British, and its authentic character makes it a popular choice for wedding transport. We suggest enlacing it with flowers for a touch of edge to the classic nature of the vehicle.



Why not add a twist to your wedding by having a tractor escort the bridal party to the venue? You can also add a trailer to the back to transport guests, giving them a little fun before the ceremony takes place.


Yellow School Bus

Although common in America, a yellow school bus would be a stand out compared to traditional UK buses. This bus is also ideal for those with large bridal or groom parties as there is plenty of space for all, as well as plenty of space for the dress! As well as an eyecatcher for passers-by, the bus creates for amazing wedding photos to really show the creative side of the happy couple.



Most would assume a car, bus or large vehicle would be your chosen transport… Surprise all by hiring a Vespa. The perfect speedy getaway after the wedding… see ya!



Although not practical for some brides, bikes can be a very fun way to switch up transportation from the usual classic car. Try getting his and hers bikes or even a tandem bike! You can also hire bikes which match your colour scheme and aesthetic to keep things consistent.



Yes, you heard us, walking is an option! This is a great idea for those who want to keep their budget in check. If you live or are staying nearby to the venue, consider walking otherwise you may be spending £££ to simply drive around the block a few times. This is especially useful for those who know they will be very nervous on the day of the wedding, the short walk will help to clear your mind ready for the ‘I Dos’.


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