8 Highly Important Need-To-Knows About Wedding Insurance

The cost of your wedding can be expensive, with such big prices why risk all of it going to waste? Wedding insurance takes no.1 spot above the dress as much as it pains us to say, make sure to invest in insurance which is correct for you. We cannot stress enough- research, research, research! All options will have different pros and cons for different types of wedding. With this in mind, we have collated 8 need-to-knows for anyone planning a wedding.


Size of your wedding- Insurance is not a necessity for every wedding. A low budget may mean a smaller amount of cover or any at all for that matter. It is the possibility of venue cancellation or supplier problems which are the main cause of need, therefore asses your choices and choose accordingly. If you have a budget of £3,000 or lower, you can purchase insurance from £19. If you have a budget of £100,000 of lower, prices are around £300.


Insurance does not cover ‘cold feet’- Every policy will be different in terms of what they do and do not cover. It is usually venue issues, supplier issues or key members of the wedding fall ill, if you simply have cold feet I am afraid you will not be covered.


Here are some examples of what they usually cover


The venue closes or cancels on you

A supplier decides not to go through with your order

You cancel because key people can’t make it due to illness, accident or death

Lost, stolen or damaged goods such as the ring, cake, dresses, gifts etc

If photos and videos are not sent to you

Here are some examples of what they usually do not cover

Cold feet

Cancellation if a small part of the day goes wrong

Cancellation due to financial difficulty (this does not include redundancy)

Pre-existing conditions that can cause cancellation


Credit cards are great… but not a form of replacement- Did you know if you buy anything between £100-£30,000 on your credit card, you will be covered by Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. This means the card provider will be liable if anything goes wrong in relation to that purchase. However, do not rely on your credit card as it does not cover illness or personal liability. Always make sure to use both to double your protection.


A successful claim does not always mean £££- You will not always get a refund, you may only receive an exchange or rescheduling depending on the aspect of the wedding going wrong. However, this will vary from insurance provider therefore always make sure you read the small print effectively. Remember: you will need to pay an excess if you decide to make a claim on the insurance. Therefore, consider this carefully as your refund amount may significantly be altered.


You can buy insurance years in advance- Insurance can be bought up to 2 years in advance of the wedding. Remember, the sooner you buy it the sooner you will be covered. We recommend buying it as soon as your planning starts to ensure there is no room for loss. It does not cost anything extra to book it early, therefore make use of this option. For those who are last minute, most insurances can be bought up to a week before the wedding date, with some even 24 hours before, regardless if you have already paid the deposits.


Evidence is key- If it does result in you needing to make a claim, it is essential that you have evidence to ensure you can prove the claim you are making is accurate. There is nothing worse than if you need to make a claim but cannot prove you are correct- leave 0 room for error, your wedding and budget is at risk.


Wedding insurance does not cover your abroad honeymoon- Make sure you purchase travel insurance as your wedding insurance will not cover your abroad honeymoon. As soon as you book your honeymoon, book your insurance so that you are covered if it is cancelled.


Trusted suppliers are vital- To reduce the risk of your suppliers ruining your day, make sure they are trustworthy before booking with them. The best way to know if someone is reliable is through personal recommendations, online reviews and a trustworthy directory listing!


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