9 Helpful Tips For Planning A Vegan-friendly Wedding

This one is for all of our vegan brides out there! Or if you would like to be more considerate of nature and animals for your wedding, this blog is for you. We have collated 9 helpful tips which will help with the planning of your vegan-friendly wedding.



If you are vegan you will know the materials to avoid, but for those who want to be more considerate, the following are to be ignored: Silk, wool, leather etc. Make sure to explain your preferences to your bridal store so that they do not show you a dress which you absolutely fall in love with but then realise it contains a non-vegan material. Make sure to check the labels as some may contain a very small amount of the material, but will still be unwearable.


TIP: Why not buy a second-hand wedding dress, suit, or bridesmaids dress as it will be much better for the environment, as well as incorporating the ‘something old’ into your wedding!


Hair and makeup

When searching for a hair and makeup artist, make sure to clearly outline you only want cruelty-free products to be used on you. If you cannot find someone who can fully commit to this, why not let them use your own cruelty-free products on you. This is also a great way to educate professionals that they should be steering towards using products which are considerate of animals.



You have the vegan-friendly outfit, now it is time to choose jewellery. This is relatively easy as long as you avoid real pearls! Also, when deciding on your wedding bands, try to use a company which uses ethically sourced and fairly traded materials.


Wedding favours

A wedding favour is not a necessity, but a little gift for your guests is a great final touch to an amazing day. There are thousands of vegan businesses which can provide you with the perfect gift whilst remaining eco-friendly. Some examples are soy candles, handmade bath bombs, soaps, cake jars, chocolates and sweets! (All vegan of course).


Wedding gifts

It is a tradition for the guests to gift the newlyweds. Why not suggest they donate to a chosen animal rights charity or perhaps money towards a vegan-friendly honeymoon such as Barcelona or Los Angeles? This saves the awkward ‘This isn’t vegan…’ chat.



One of the biggest parts of your wedding planning- the catering. When providing vegan cuisine, make sure to include this on your invitations so your non-vegan guests have some pre-warning before the big day. However, reassure them with a delicious menu which is sure to get their mouths watering. When researching for caterers, make sure they can provide fully vegan food without the risk of contamination and have other options available other than salad or stuffed bell peppers… boring! Vegan food does not need to be bland and boring, collate some ideas of the types of food you like and ask for testers to ensure the food is exactly how you would like it.



If you are already vegan you will probably know of some good beers and wines which are friendly as well as tasty! For those who do not, it is the brewing process which can make your alcoholic drink debateable. Of course, dairy is to be avoided, most weddings have tea and coffee with the desserts so provide other options such as almond milk or coconut milk to keep guests happy. When discussing drink catering, make sure they can provide options which are ideal for your desires.


Wedding cake

There are thousands of cake makers who are dedicated to vegan cake making or can create a vegan-friendly cake. Make sure to outline this to the cake maker to ensure it is cruelty-free for you and your guests. There are some many delicious options available, you will be truly spoilt for choice.



When choosing your flowers make sure they are fair trade, you can get your flowers pressed into your wedding album meaning they will last a lifetime and will not end up being thrown away. Also, in regards to table centrepieces why not have potted plants and give them to your guests as gifts to ensure they do not go to waste. If you choose to have artificial flowers, be mindful as they can contain silk- again outline your needs to your supplier and you should be good to go!


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