Are You Searching For Wedding Planning Tips?

If you’re going to plan your own wedding rather than hiring a professional, it’s likely you’re searching for help online. Planning a wedding is a great deal of fun but it can also be highly stressful.

Here are just 10 tips to get you started:

  1. It sounds obvious but it’s important to decide your budget for every aspect of your wedding, from the dress to the venue and the flowers, otherwise, you could easily end up going way over. The average wedding in the UK now costs over £20,000 and plenty of people can’t afford to spend that much.
  2. Make sure your wedding doesn’t fall on a day when important guests can’t attend.
  3. Consider what kind of weather you would like, and remember that summer is a much more popular time for weddings- if you wish to book a venue at this time of year, you must do it way ahead.
  4. If you feel you need a lower budget, you might have to invite fewer guests.
  5. One of the most important wedding tips is to work as a team with your partner- after all, you’re both in this together.
  6. You might even want to use a spreadsheet to get organised.
  7. Many couples now like to create a website which has all the information guests need.
  8. Talking to other married couples about they organised their big day can be extremely helpful.
  9. Planning a wedding and honeymoon at the same time can be difficult, not to mention expensive, so you might want to take time between them. Focus on one thing at a time.
  10. Check out The Wedding Guide for the latest tips for planning your big day.