Bride Edition: 10 Things To Do The Night Before Your Wedding Day

The last night of being a Miss is here! Although you may be feeling very nervous, which is understandable, it is important to stay calm and channel the nerves into positive energy. Why not try completing our 10 things to do the night before the wedding?


Eat a healthy meal

We know you have probably been on the pre-wedding diet for some months now but keep to it for one more night. We promise you will not regret it, you will wake up feeling refreshed, without bloating or a food hangover. If you feel gross you also feel like this is reflected in how you look, therefore any way to reduce this is necessary.


Drink a lot of water

Think of water as your second maid of honour. Water provides many benefits to the body, including the ability to flush out toxins, prevent headaches or cramps and improve skin complexion- all vital for your wedding prep and tonight is the last night to do this. We advise keeping a cold glass of water nearby to avoid dehydration.


Turn your phone on silent or off

One of the best ways to calm the mind is to detach yourself from your phone. If you are worried about not being easily contacted, pass your phone over to your maid of honour or MOTB to ensure you are always accessible if need be. Also, by giving your phone to someone else you are less tempted to stay up all night frantically scrolling through social media or ringing your husband to be.


Gather a survival kit

An emergency kit is always a good idea both for you and your bridal party. We suggest stocking it with hair bands, hair clips, plasters, pain medication, safety pins, mints, lipstick and small bottles of water!


Watch something that’ll make you laugh

Your mind is probably racing with wedding stress. It is the night before the wedding, it is important to realise everything will be fine and has already been planned to a T. Distract yourself by watching a movie which is going to make you laugh, taking away the niggling feeling you have forgotten something. If you want to keep to the wedding theme, why not watch Bridesmaids, Monster-In-Law, Bride Wars or The Wedding Planner.


Make sure the shoe fits

Why not get in that last bit of practice and ‘wearing in’ by walking in your wedding shoes around the house/hotel. Whilst wearing the shoes, why not dance your stresses away by blaring some music. Not only will this de-stress you, it will prepare you for all the dancing you will be doing tomorrow.


Keep up with your nightly beauty rituals

Most brides create and develop a new night time routine in preparation for the wedding… keep at it for the last night! Similar to the pre-wedding diet, that last night can make a big difference or maintain all the effort you have put in so far. We are sure you do not want to not apply the moisturiser you have been using for the last 3 months, then you wake up with a huge spot on your face. Leave no room for error to jeopardise your big day, that includes your beauty routine.


Practice deep yoga-like breaths

If all of the above has not worked, strip it back and do a few yoga-like breaths. The control of breath is highly beneficial to calm, relax and destress you. Why not go onto YouTube and follow a tutorial on using your breath to unwind! Here are a few of our favourites that we recommend:



Write and exchange a love note with your groom

Why not write a quick love note to your groom to express everything you are feeling right now- both the excitement, as well as the nerves. They are most likely feeling the same way, so as well as a reassurance for them, it is a great method to get everything out which you are internally brewing. Your groom will most likely be your comfort blanket, therefore receiving a love note from him will provide you with the support and reassurance you need to sleep well that night.


Get in one last kiss

Why not sneak in one last kiss as boyfriend and girlfriend before you blossom into husband and wife. Not only will this steady your nerves, it will also make you more excited for the transition into a married couple!


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