Cars Or Carriages

Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls Royce, Daimler, Limousine or Horse and Carriage all go together with Love and Marriage…

An important part of the day’s planning will revolve around your wedding transportation. Knowing you can rely on a professional chauffeur/ carriage driver will set your mind at ease and ensure you get to the church/ venue on time. It is always a good idea to visit local wedding shows to view cars or carriages before definitely deciding on your method of transport.


The Car

Before you approach any companies, decide whether one car can take you, your bridesmaids and your mother to the church and on to the reception, or if a separate car is needed (remember, if the journey to the church is about 15 minutes then your bridesmaids will have to arrive at the church half an hour before you).

Companies that have a good knowledge of churches and venues in the area where you wish to get married are always a good idea. they will also have a good idea as to traffic conditions on the day, which could prove to be vital.


Horse and Carriage

An alternative to a car for your wedding transport is the ever elegant and timeless horse and carriage.

Carriages vary depending on the company you choose, Landau, Brougham, Victoria or glass Coach. Once again make appointments to go and view the carriages so you can really decide what fits your needs on the day, not forgetting that weather conditions are not reliable.

The carriage you choose may have one, two or four horse. They will have to stand for long periods of time, be surrounded by large numbers of people, and deal with traffic on the road, so it is vital you choose a company that has experience and whose horses are accustomed to being used for weddings. Finally, if you decide on a horse and carriage, remember that they will travel more slowly than a car so you will need to allow a bit of extra time.