Checklist: What To Do After You Have Booked Your Wedding Venue

You have booked the venue, now what?


We have created this planning checklist to provide some examples on what to do after booking the venue- keep reading to find out!


Book the officiant – There will be no ceremony if you do not book your officiant to conduct the uniting of bride and groom. Do not leave it too long after booking your venue as you could miss your opportunity for your desired officiant. Good points to discuss with them is location, timing and any personalisation you want to be included.  


Hire the photographer (+ videographer) – Now you have your venue, you should have a clear image of how you want your wedding to translate in your photographs. It is now time to choose a photography company which can do what you desire. We advise researching, choosing 5 businesses which you like the look of then meet them all to see examples of their work. From here, make your decision. This choice is usually done 6-8 months before the wedding date.


Visit your bridal store – Time to buy your dream dress! Some may already have it, if so, make sure your chosen venue ties in with your dress to keep consistency and flow. If you have not yet purchased, take and bring images of your venue with you to the bridal store to help with your decision. Make sure to leave as much time as possible before the big day to allow for multiple fittings and adjustments to be made in plenty of time to spare. Preparation is key!


Book the entertainment – Your venue will determine the type and size of your entertainment. Now you know the measurements and genre you can work with, it is time to choose accordingly. We advise booking 6-8 months before the chosen date.


Decide on your catering service- This is now time to set up tastings and menu development with your desired catering service. The venue itself may have some recommended companies which they enjoy working with, ask to have examples of dishes whilst at your venue to get a true feel for the day. If you are using an outside caterer, make sure this is acceptable with your venue in accordance to their ‘behind the scenes’ area.


Select and decide on your invitations – Leave enough time to decide on invitations, printing time, receiving the invites back, posting to guests and RSVPs. This will dictate all your future decisions after the venue choice.


Select and order the cake – When deciding on the cake, make sure to ask about delivery, set-up and cake services with both the cake maker and your venue. For example, if you are having a summer wedding your venue will need to guarantee they can provide a comfortable temperature so that the cake does not melt.


Select and book your floral arrangements – Fresh flowers will need time and planning, we recommend 3-5 months planning time, but if you are using artificial you will not need as long.


Book your trial hair and makeup appointments – You may need multiple hair and makeup trials to ensure it is exactly how you would like it on your big day. Because of this, leave as much time as possible before your big day. Any respectable hairdresser or makeup artist will have a long waiting list, therefore do not leave it too late to book, then not be able to hire them for your wedding date.


Extra: Have an engagement party! – If you have a spare minute, why not arrange an engagement party. This is a great way for all your guests to meet and promote excitement for the upcoming big day.


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