Christmas Colour Themes For Your Winter Wedding

Although summer weddings often see brightly coloured themes, this does not mean winter weddings lack in vibrancy. There are a variety of colours that truly symbolise Christmas and the winter wonderland wedding every winter bride dreams of. With winter being extremely festive, there are plenty of opportunities to use rich and deep tones of green, red and gold. However, the opposite can also be had with the use of light blue, white and silver. Keep reading to find out our favourite Christmas colour themes that may inspire your wedding.


Ice cold


As mentioned, not all Christmas weddings need to follow the traditional colours of green, red and gold. There is another style to choose from- cool tones. This includes ice blue, muted jade, snowy ivory, frosty sage and flickers of deep purple. The bridal party will appreciate these colours as they suit the majority of skin tones and body shapes to embody a feeling of tranquillity and flow. The colours also mean your bridesmaids can also re-wear the dresses, bargain!


TWG Ice Cold Winter Wedding Colour Themes



Sugar and spice


Christmas is the time for winter spice and sugary deliciousness, continue this theme within your wedding. These are often dark-sweet connotated colours such as deep plums, dusky pink and warm golds. With darker colours often being the most complimentary, if deciding on a deep colour make sure to focus on the tones itself rather than an extravagant style- let the colour do the talking. With these sugar and spice colours, they compliment each other explicitly, therefore, implement them throughout the wedding, e.g. table arrangements, bouquet and decorations.


TWG Sugar And Spice Winter Wedding Colour Themes



Black and white, simple


If you want to go for a classic, sleek and simple colour theme then black and white is your number one choice. Although classic, you can add bright sparks of colour subtlety throughout the wedding with flashes of gold, red or silver. Due to the power associated with the black and white combination, a few streaks of bold is more than enough for your winter theme.


TWG Black And White Winter Wedding Colour Themes





With Christmas colours involving the use of gold and silver, it would be a great idea to use metallics within your theme. A direct link to anniversary milestones (copper for seven years, silver for 25 and gold for 50), the perfect symbolism of forever love would be embodied throughout your wedding. This theme works perfectly for any glitz and glam brides who long for sequins, diamonds and sparkles to be seen throughout their big day. The options are endless with metallics being your main colour as they match with nearly any other colour on the colour wheel. Make your winter wedding one to remember.


TWG Metallic Winter Wedding Colour Themes


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