Christmas Winter Wedding Catering Ideas That Your Guests Will Love

A winter wedding menu will look very different to a summer wedding menu. With food and drink being able to directly affect how we feel on the inside, it is important you develop a menu suitable for your guests. During the warmer months, you will want to provide light and refreshing dishes. However, the colder months will require warm and hearty meals so that guests avoid the winter chill. Keep reading to find out our advice on choosing effective Christmas themed meals!


Drinks reception


This is the section of the day where your guests relax after the ceremony, whilst you and your partner go off to take photographs. After a long and cold ceremony, it is best to provide guests with the option of cold or warm drinks, with canapes to snack on. Why not offer winter spiced cocktails and baileys hot chocolate with pancetta wrapped asparagus? Or perhaps mulled wine and spiced apple gin tonic with a shot of hot soup and a small piece of bread? Give your guests a small insight into the delicious Christmas themed meal you have prepared.




Most wedding breakfasts start with either a soup or salad. Although commonly thought to be basic, there is a lot that can be done to create that traditional rustic feel. Some popular winter soups include butternut squash with winter spice, potato, leek and creme fraiche or even traditional rich tomato and garlic. Accompany your soup with a hearty and rustic piece of crusty bread. Although liquid, soup can be very filling, therefore, do not overload your guests before the main has even been served. A salad is light, but this does not mean they cannot embody that winter feeling. Make use of winter’s treats such as beetroot, roasted squash and seeds to add depth to the salad leaves.




You could go fully traditional and have a roast/Christmas dinner with all the trimmings for your guests. However, some do not want too large of a meal due to dessert and the afternoon snack being offered. Alternatively, you could provide a piece of red or white meat (or alternative) with mashed potato and seasonal veg. Or even steak with homemade chips and salad. Another idea could be minted lamp rack of ribs with roasted potatoes and veg. The choice is yours!




When we think winter wedding dessert, our minds automatically go to a stodgy, hot piece of cake and custard. Chocolate is also a large feature at Christmas themed weddings due to its ability to be served hot or cold, making a great main feature or addition to another dessert. Perhaps white chocolate covered hot pretzels with cinnamon sprinkled on top? Or steaming hot cinnamon apple pie lollipops with custard dipping pot? You could even go oppositely to a cold dessert, using ice cream as a key component to truly embody that winter feel.


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