Common Wedding Planning Mistakes To Avoid

Everyone wants a smooth sailing wedding, but no matter how much detailed planning happens there is always room for mistakes. It can be hard to see the mistakes in your own plans, therefore we have written this blog to highlight the common issues that could affect your wedding day.


Booking suppliers without a set budget

Never ever ever book a supplier without clearly outlining the overall budget as well as a unique budget for each category. Every couple will have a different amount of money that they are comfortable in spending for their big day, therefore make sure to sit with your partner and pinpoint together a budget suitable to you. If you book a supplier without determining the amount of money preferred, you may find that the supplier is too expensive therefore you will either have to either sacrifice your deposit or be stricter in other areas.


Using the entire ‘fashion’ budget on the dress

Do not think that the price on the dress’ tag is all you will have to pay. Think of the dress + alterations, additions, removals, accessories, cleaning etc when considering a wedding dress. Make sure to get thorough quotes in order to gain an overall price guide before deciding on anything. There is nothing worse than thinking you have found the dress but it actually coming out of budget- therefore be efficient with your search.


Not researching flower seasons

You cannot choose a flower and that be it. Flowers are available during their season, with out-of-season flowers either being unavailable or extremely costly. Each flower will have their own time of year that they are flourishing, therefore once the date of your wedding has been confirmed researched flowers that are in bloom at that time. This will help keep costs down and flowers thriving at your wedding.


Sending save the date cards to the wrong people

Although you have just got engaged and are excited, think realistically when sending out save the date cards. We advise to only send these once the final guest list has been made. If you do not finalise guests, there is potential for you to send a save the date card to someone who you are not actually inviting… prevent the awkwardness and finalise details.


Micromanaging your suppliers

It is required that you and your maid of honour outline everything that is required of your vendors, but you need to learn to not micromanage them. It can be easy to get carried away with wedding planning, but none of us wants to be labelled a bridezilla. Find the balance for planning before you become an annoyance rather than a help.


Openly discussing your wedding plans

Throughout your wedding planning, it will be a new and exciting topic of discussion. However, you need to know who you should be having these discussions with. Sometimes when talking too openly, you invite others to share their opinions. Some opinions are welcomed, but too many means you will become confused and overwhelmed- avoid this at all costs.


Not accounting enough time to get ready

We can all agree that being tight for time is the most stressful situation on any given day, but your wedding day? Not good at all. Make sure to leave plenty of time for you to get ready for your big day. Fashionably late is acceptable, but any more than 30 minutes and you will cause damaging effects for the rest of the day.


Rushing photographs

Similarly to ensuring you have enough time to get ready, you need to also ensure you have enough time to take photographs. These photographs will create a strong form of physical memory that you will look back at for the rest of your life, therefore do not miss out on having plenty to look at. The rush of adrenalin after the ceremony means often the first few photographs are a bit messy and unorganised, meaning you need enough time to settle into the photoshoot and get as many partner photos as possible.


Hiring a friend instead of a professional

Finally, unless your friend is a professional wedding supplier by trade, you should not use them for your big day. The risk of problems is high if not using a professional, you do not want anything to go wrong on your big day. By hiring only professionals, you ensure your day runs smoothly and receive top quality goods and services.

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