DOs & DONTs: Everything You Need To Know Before Your Wedding Food Tasting

You may know exactly what you would like served at your wedding breakfast, or you may not have a clue- regardless, you should be aware that any reliable catering service will provide a pre-wedding food tasting. This allows you the chance to make any amendments or open your mind to new ideas, it is yours to use as desired. We advise having a sample of ALL food which will be served, from hors d’oeuvres to desserts, you are sure for a treat. Although the prospect of tasting different foods sounds fun, there are some DOs and DONTs that you will need to be aware of before attending- keep reading to find out!




Have a budget in mind – Whether you have already chosen a caterer or are looking, always have a budget in mind. Make sure this is translated early to avoid disappointment, if not you will suffer the realisation that the crème brûlée you loved is too expensive and nothing else compares to it- a budget dilemma. The catering business will have an idea of what options are available to your budget, therefore can recommend accordingly.


Have some moral support – When we say ‘some’ we do not mean the entire bridal party, this is not a free lunch. Only small tasters will be provided, not a recreation of the meal on the day (although you may be able to have that for an extra charge). We recommend you, your husband-to-be and perhaps your maid of honour be at the tasting. The only opinions that matter are you and your partner, therefore do not complicate it by allowing others to share their judgements on the food.


Look out for the little details – Have a watchful eye on details that could suggest you are not receiving the high-quality food that was promised and is expected from a professional caterer. For example, are the ends of the cheese slices hard and discoloured? Are vegetables bright in colour? Is the meat hard to cut? Does the salad look like it’s wilted? Is the bread stale? Make sure to be rigorous in the details, you will only have one wedding breakfast after all.


Make note of the catering staff – Anyone who you encounter in a business should be friendly, attentive and helpful. All should be effectively doing their job role, if they are not completing services as expected at the tasting then they may not be a great choice for your wedding day.


Ask to meet the chef in charge on your wedding day – It is always nice to say thanks to the chef who cooked your food, this starts your relationship which may mean guaranteed excellence on the day. Manners are free, make use of them!




Do not leave it until the last minute, even if you think you know what you would like – You could have a clear vision on what you would like to be served at your wedding, but this could change once you have tasted the food. Make sure to leave plenty of time to try different foods and then decide on your final menu. This not only saves you a lot of unnecessary stress, but it also helps the catering service have everything planned and prepared for the big day.


Do not be afraid to say what you are thinking – This is YOUR wedding menu, nobody else’s. Do not let fear of voicing your opinions prevent you from having exactly what you would like for your wedding. Everyone has different preferences with food, therefore make sure to let yours be known. You may have loved the way the caterer cooked the beef but… you would prefer if it was cooked for longer – you are paying for this service, so it should be perfect in your eyes.


Do not assume it will be free – Most tasting services are complimentary, but some are not. Make sure to clarify this before the tasting in order to prevent the awkward bill at the end.


Do not ask for 1 of everything – The idea of having one of everything on the menu could be an appealing thought, but realistically perhaps not a good choice. This could throw off your choice, confusing you on which dish you liked the most. Not everyone knows exactly what they would like, but be reasonable in the number of dishes you order as too many can do more harm than good. Go in with a general idea of what you would like, if you do not like any then start the process again!


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