Father Of The Bride Duties: Everything Your Dad Can Do For The Big Day

The day is approaching for you to give away your little girl to her hubby-to-be. Before that day comes, it is important you know exactly what is expected of you on the big day. With you in mind, we have created this list of dad-duties to ensure you give your daughter the best wedding possible.


Travel with the bride

It will most likely be you who will be accompanying the bride in the mode of transport chosen to get to the ceremony venue. Often the rest of the bridal party will travel in a separate vehicle. This is your time to have a private one to one with your daughter, expressing your feelings and emotions about her becoming a wife and her journey from childhood to adulthood.


Be a calming presence

You are the person who will keep everyone in check and stress-free. You will need to be a support system for everyone in the wedding party, including; The bride, groom, MOTB, MoH, bridesmaids, groomsmen and the best man. Even though you may be a nervous wreck yourself, it is your responsibility to calm everyone down.


Be the backup maid of honour

The maid of honour cannot be everything, she may need your help to ensure the day runs smoothly. Whether that means keeping a check on timings, running out to get forgotten deodorant or even calling vendors to ensure everything is running smoothly. Think of yourself as maid of honour II, making your role as dad multipurpose will considerably help your daughter to have the best day possible.


Walk the bride down the aisle

You may already know this one, but it will be your responsibility to walk your daughter down the aisle. This will be a memory of a lifetime, you have been envisioning this moment since the day she was born and the day is finally here. Make sure to treasure every step you take together when you give away your daughter to the groom.


Father and daughter dance… followed by an embarrassing dad dance

Usually, the father and daughter dance happens after the first dance. This is your private moment to talk, laugh and cry together before reality hits that your daughter is now a married woman. Once that dance is finished, it is time to get to do some dad dance moves! The moment you have been waiting for, dads have been embarrassing their daughters with their moves since forever, now is not the time to stop. Boogie to your heart’s content.


Father of the bride speech

Back to the serious part, time for the speech. You are usually the first to give a speech after the wedding breakfast. This is your time to impress guests with your witty but emotional thoughts and opinions on your daughter, son-in-law and wedding day in general. We advise to plan, create and follow a prepared speech, but remember some of the best one-liners and pieces of wisdom come naturally so do not feel pressure to follow the speech exactly.


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