Getting Fit For The Big Day

Is it any wonder why brides feel pressured to look their best on their wedding day when there’s the worry of fitting into your dream wedding dress, but also the thought of pictures being snapped and shared on social media for everyone to see?

Unsurprisingly, it was revealed over 90% of brides hope to shed the pounds before getting married, and, rather worryingly, 1 in 3 of those brides resort to crash dieting.

Fortunately, crash dieting is not necessarily the answer, which is wonderful news as it has no benefit to your overall health, nor will it give you the results you want anyway. Instead, look at this timeframe as an opportunity to make some lifestyle changes and establish a sustainable fitness plan you will be able to carry on with after your big day.


When should I begin my fitness regime?

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ approach to when you should start exercising, it really depends on your circumstances and how much weight you are willing to lose. Ideally, you should be thinking about starting your diet and exercise plan as soon as you begin planning for your wedding, so that you don’t resort to crash dieting in a bid to lose weight at the last minute. If you’re looking to lose weight, you should aim to reach your weight loss goal within 4 weeks of your wedding, in time for final fittings. As a result, you’ll be able to focus on adding the final touches to your wedding plans rather than worrying about whether you’ll fit into your dream dress.


Set yourself short term goals

To reach your final goal, it’s worth setting yourself specific targets over a shorter timeframe. In turn, this will help you to remain focused and stick something out. Likewise, it will help you feel good about your achievements and encourage you to stick with it if you monitor your progress in a fitness diary. If this is what you choose to do, as well as measuring your weight try measuring areas you want to improve i.e. your stomach, thighs and bottom; since it’s worth remembering muscle weighs more than fat and while you may end up losing fewer pounds than you would have hoped for one week, you have in fact lost a couple of inches off your stomach from all the exercises you’ve been doing. Whether it’s buying yourself a new outfit, treating yourself to a facial or having a night out with your hubby-to-be, it’s important to reward yourself whenever you reach a big milestone with something that is going to make you feel good. Just don’t pick a treat that will undo all your hard work, such as a large pizza or a tub of Ben and Jerry’s!


What if I’m short on time

Finding the right kind of exercise regime to suit your needs can vary from a brisk walk in the park to a full workout in the gym. If you have a demanding work life, finding the time to fit exercise in can often prove problematic. Sometimes making the smallest of lifestyle changes can make all the difference. For example, rather than driving to work why not walk to work? If work is far enough away that walking is not an option try cycling instead. Likewise, taking the stairs instead of the lift or walking to shops can help you keep trim.

If the thought of exercising makes you shudder, yet you’re determined to lose weight, high intensity interval training might be the way forward. This consists of short bursts of intense exercise combined with little rests in between. The idea is to get your heart racing much sooner and is proven to be more worthwhile than a long session at the gym.


Exercises to do at home

Don’t feel like you need to join a gym to carry out your exercises. Of course, however, if you feel the need to join a gym or hire a personal trainer to feel more motivated that is also perfectly acceptable, just remember that there are exercises you can carry out within the confines of your own home.  These include mountain climbers, planking, press-ups, sit-ups, high knees, lunges, squat jumps and any other exercises where you do not need a machine to achieve your goals. You could even go for a run without relying a treadmill! Depending on your circumstances, so long as the exercises you are doing are of a higher intensity, you’re more likely to see results faster.

If the thought of a gym bores you and you want to get more kicks out of your workout, then take up a new sport, such as aerobics, swimming and tennis. There are also team sports you could take part in, where you can meet new people or even bring your bridesmaids along to and get fit together.