Handy Hints For Your Summer Wedding

If you are planning on that alfresco celebration here are a few things for you to consider –

Whether it’s a tropical beach or a picturesque garden courtesy of Mother Nature you will still need to organize those magical touches!

Lighting, sound and temperature will play a big part in this.


Cool off!

Don’t sweat it! Make sure your guests are refreshed by providing water, not just wine!

Individual fans can be handy and look pretty cool too!



Protect your guest’s eyes with some funky sunglasses!


No biting!

We don’t want guests using our pretty hand fans to swat those pesky mozzies, so consider insect repellant, lamps, candles and spray will keep these naughty bugs away. Practical and pretty!


Heated seats

Be smart about your outdoor style!

To prevent any burnt bottoms use cushions or covers and at the same time adding extra decoration to the ceremony.


Alfresco style

Swap the cheese and crackers to fruit skewers to keep your guests happy – there’s nothing worse than sweaty food!

Try jugs of refreshing pink lemonade for soft drinks.


 There’s something in the air

Secure the décor or better still avoid areas that suffer high winds, consider the time of year to prepare or prevent for messy hair.


Flower Power

Wilt-Proof your Bouquet by keeping your flowers hydrated.  Feathers and artificial arrangements can also save the day.

Consider these sun – friendly flowers

  • Dutch hydrangea
  • Fragrant jasmine
  • dahlias
  • garden spray roses
  • calla lily

Alternatively for vintage glam think button and brooch bouquets!