Honeymoon For Less: 5 UK Getaway Ideas For Your Honeymoon

The idea of a honeymoon abroad is not for everyone, but do not fret, the UK has a large list of wonders to visit. Why not have your wedding getaway in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, this also will save a few £££. A great idea if you want a short journey time, lower cost and even a sense of patriotism. In this blog post, we provide you with 5 getaway ideas for anyone wishing to explore the United Kingdom.


Why Not…


Go Glamping in the Isle of Wight

Camping? Oh no, glamping is where it is at! This is a modern twist on the traditional camp, it brings the glitz and the glam with added benefits of an actual bed, electric lights and flushing loos! An absolute luxury for anyone who has experienced camping before… The Isle of Wight has a range of glamping options available that do not break the bank- a perfect combination for newlyweds who want to stay local.


Go to a Log Cabin in York

Do you like the idea of a four-poster bed, a 6ft circular Jacuzzi bath and a timber deck with a sunken outdoor hot tub? Why not go to a log cabin to provide a rustic and romantic feel whilst being at one with nature. Log cabin companies can be found across the UK, their locations will not limit your choices! We recommend York due to its cheaper options that do not scrimp on value or attention to detail for a newly married couple.


Go to a Holiday Cottage in the Peak District

A holiday cottage in the peak district is the perfect choice for those who value adventure and want plenty to do whilst on their break. Another benefit is some even allow dogs! Why not bring your dog along for your honeymoon to enjoy the first few weeks of marriage with you. The price can vary with your desire and can be as cheap as £40 a night.  


Have a Theatre Break in London

The idea of a fancy dinner, followed by a breathtaking show and a few nights stay in a glamorous hotel sounds very appealing and relaxing after the weeks of wedding stress. There are a variety of deals available for theatre breaks in the city of London, with the cost ranging depending on your preferences.


Visit a Seaside Hotel in Brighton

The seaside holds lots of memories of us as children at the beach, why not recreate these memories with your new husband or wife by taking a trip to Brighton! Stay at a stunning hotel with amazing views of the sea ahead; the area also has multiple restaurants, bars, attractions and clubs to enjoy leaving no room for boredom as there is always something to do. Make this trip as cheap or as expensive as you like with the endless opportunities at the seafront.


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