Honeymoon Tips And Tricks For Stress-free Packing

The honeymoon is the best time to unwind from the wedding stress, therefore do not give yourself more things to worry about by not packing properly. We have collated our favourite tips and tricks to packing for your honeymoon to ensure you have the best trip possible.


  1. If you are going on Honeymoon a few days after the wedding, make sure to start your packing a few weeks before the wedding. We are sure you will not want to forget anything vital, therefore do not pack on a stressed and preoccupied head. Enjoy those happy few days after the wedding and do not let packing overshadow your wedding high.
  2. Make sure you know your airline’s specification for carry-on bags as well as suitcases as any surprises will not be ideal. For example, a case being overweight can mean saying bye bye to those new tops you bought for the occasion, or pay extortionate prices to get it acceptable to fly.
  3. Research to see if there are any health and safety advisories which come with travelling to your honeymoon destination. This keeps you safe and your insurance valid.
  4. Research and prepare for any expected weather conditions of the country you are visiting. For example, it may be hot but there may be rainy days which you should prepare for.
  5. Make sure you have all documents pre-printed just in case you have no access to the internet or printing facilities.
  6. Why not split yours and your partner’s items between your suitcases, therefore if one case goes missing at least you have a few essentials to live off of until the case is found.
  7. Pack any medication which you may need, not all destinations have a pharmacy which you can purchase from. Essential medications, of course, should be included in your packing.
  8. Provide a loved one with the necessary information if for any reason they need it.
  9. Make sure to pack an outfit which is considerate for the journey home. There is nothing worse landing in England at 2 am during winter in a summer dress and flip-flops.


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