How To Choose Your Wedding Date Without Worry

Now you are engaged, important wedding decisions will start to be made. Perhaps the most important of all, the date of the wedding. The date of your wedding will decide all of your other planning needs, therefore, a date will need to be set as soon as possible. However, before a date is plucked from the 365-day calendar, there are factors that will indicate when will be best for your wedding.


Meaningful dates


The first thing to consider is if you have any dates already that mean something to you and your partner. This may be the first time you met, your first kiss, your anniversary of when you became boyfriend & girlfriend, your parents’ anniversary or any other important date to you both.


The venue


You may have your heart set on a particular venue with a date in mind, but are you willing to compromise either of these if it is not available? It will depend on your wishes, but you will either need to be flexible with your venue or flexible with your date in order to have your ideal wedding. You may get lucky and have both, but be prepared if not.




You will need to consider whether your ideal date falls within peak season. The peak of the season can see prices double as the number of weddings increase, therefore you will need to consider whether the limited availability, skyrocketing prices and high demand are worthwhile for your wedding day. Your theme will also indicate what time of year is best for a date, for example, if you’re hoping for warm tones, sunset vibes and summer cocktails a winter date may not be ideal.


Friends and family


If you are having a wedding with family and friends attending, you will need to consider what date is best suited for everyone. For example, if many members have children a mid-week term time date may not be suitable. Or perhaps looking out for any birthdays, anniversaries, graduations etc that could be an inconvenience to attend.




If you have a large budget, you can choose a date at your heart’s desire. However, if you are on a stricter budget you may want to choose a mid-week, out-of-season, or unpopular date… Friday 13th maybe?


Important generic dates


You will need to consider any public celebrations that could cause disruption to your wedding day. On public celebration days, travel and accommodation can easily become a hassle for your guests therefore by being watchful of clashing dates, you can ensure your day will be as smooth as possible.


Wedding suppliers


As well as your venue, your suppliers will depend on your ideal date. Every business will have their own calendar in order to take bookings, therefore can all vary in availability and cost. If you are dead set on a particular supplier, either be flexible or considerate of the situation as not everyone will be best suited for a single date.


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