How To Look After Your Engagement & Wedding Rings

You have the engagement ring, you will have the matching wedding ring soon enough but the topic of rings does not stop there. You will need to ensure you are properly caring for your rings so that you do not encounter any wear and tear. In this blog post, we give you tips on how to keep your rings looking brand new!


First things first, insurance!

You will need to purchase insurance so that if anything were to happen, you are covered. Your engagement and wedding band can cost a small fortune, do not let a theft or accident take your hard earned money. Remember to have your jewellery appraised every five years as the value will change, therefore you will want your replacement cost to be accurate. You can add your bands to your home insurance or can take out a separate policy.


Do. Not. Touch. The. Centre. Piece

The centrepiece is often the main jewel of your ring. They are attracted to dust, oil and dirt, therefore, avoid touching at all costs. When taking them off, remove by holding each side of the band and slide off to ensure you are not transferring anything onto the stone as this could make it look cloudy- we want shine!


Have regular professional ring cleans

This is not the time to DIY clean your ring, you could cause more harm than good. Make sure to regularly have a professional clean, preferably at the store in which the ring was bought. We recommend having this done every 6 months to keep them shiny and clean. Apparently, Elizabeth Taylor would clean her 33.19 carat Krupp diamond ring in hot water with gin and a toothbrush… perhaps not a risk worth taking!


Remove your ring when cleaning

The harsh chemicals found in cleaning can significantly damage your jewels, remember to always remove and store your rings away safely when doing some housework. Once complete, wash your hands thoroughly and fully dry before putting them back on.


Be wary of knocks

Although diamonds are the strongest materials on earth, they can take some wear and tear therefore whenever doing some hand heavy duties always remove! Try to keep knocks to a minimum, the stone may be fine after endless bashes but at some point a chip will occur.


Have maintenance once a year

As well as cleaning, you can book to have maintenance checks to ensure the rings are still functioning and looking like they did the day you walked out of the store. Again, we advise having this done at the store that you bought the ring from.


Have multiple ring dishes to keep your rings safe

It can be easy to misplace your ring and not be able to find them… we are sure the hubby/hubby-to-be would not be too happy to hear you have lost the symbol of your love. We advise having multiple ring dishes around your home so that they cannot be lost, if you make a conscious effort to always put them into a dish you will never encounter the stress of a lost ring.


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