Lucy Ponting & Toby Grimmett’s Wedding

Toby came home from university in Wales and joined Lucy’s flatmate’s band when the couple first met. “We spent time with each other at gigs, band practices and various gatherings,” says the bride. “We’ve been inseparable ever since.”

Lucy had been away for a month working in San Francisco, while Toby had been secretly shopping for rings. “I’d only been back for a couple of days and still feeling rather jet lagged so was I having a nap when he woke me up to Disney music. I had absolutely no clue what was going on, Toby was dressed
in a tuxedo when he popped the question. I thought it was a dream,” she recalls.

Here, Lucy tells us more about their special day…


What was the weather like on the day of your wedding?

As it was October and our wedding had a gothic theme, we were prepared to settle for whatever the weatherman threw at us. However, we were extremely lucky and had amazing sunshine all day which allowed our guests to make use of the beautiful grounds at our venue.

What was the ceremony time and where was it held?

The ceremony was held in the drawing room of Butley Priory at 2.30pm.

Where was the reception?

The reception was held in the Great Hall as well as the drawing room being transformed into a cosy room with an open fire and sofas where people could relax and take a break from dancing.

What was the main reason you picked the venue?

We wanted somewhere that would fit in with our gothic theme and Butley Priory was perfect for that. We loved that we were able to have exclusive use of the whole house for our family, having arrived the day before to set up our Halloween decorations and then stayed overnight. We also loved the fact that the size lent itself well to the intimate number of guests we had invited.

How did you choose your suppliers?

Having worked in a creative industry we were lucky enough to know a number of talented people that we didn’t hesitate to contact when it came to planning the wedding.

What were the moments that you remember most?

Lucy: I remember waiting upstairs and feeling very nervous knowing that Toby and all our guests were downstairs. When it was time to go down my nerves disappeared and I felt excited, waiting outside the door to the drawing room and laughing with my Dad.

Toby: I remember being with Lucy at the end of the day when all the guests had left and feeling so grateful that everyone had enjoyed themselves, especially the two of us.

Do you have any advice or tips for future brides?

Try and take a few moments throughout the day with your partner to appreciate how all those months of planning have amounted to such a happy day. We found this incredibly important as the day goes by so quickly.

Would you do anything different?

No, nothing at all; the day was perfect and went better than we could have imagined.

Where did you go on your honeymoon?

With Toby being a teacher, we decided to go back to work after the wedding, though we are excited to be going to Reykjavik in December.


Lucy Ponting & Toby Grimmett’s Contacts Book:

  • Photographer | Lilly Sells Photography |
  • Venue | Butley Priory |
  • Dress | Nicole Spose |
  • Hair & Make-up | Lauren Smith |
  • Headwear | Brides own creation
  • Menswear | Mos Bros |
  • Wedding Rings | Clogau |
  • Cake | Vanilla Cake Design |
  • Flowers | Brides own creation
  • Invitations | Designed by the Groom | Printed at LPC Stationers |