Newlyweds: What To Do After Your Wedding Day

We are afraid to say, your to-do list does not end yet. You may have successfully completed wedding planning, dodged a few wedding bullets and made sure the day ran smoothly but you now have some things to do as newlyweds which are vital. We recommend completing these tasks as quickly as possible so that you can finally sit back, relax and enjoy being a married couple!


Say thank you

Your guests may have travelled far and wide, spent a small fortune and dedicated a day of their lives to watch you marry- a small thank you will go a long way. As well as their presence, most likely they have given you a gift, therefore, a thank you is definitely necessary. We know the thought of copious amounts of handwritten thank you cards is not a pleasant one, but it must be done to show your guests your appreciation. A general rule is no later than 2 months after the wedding should the thank you cards be sent, your guests understand you will have a few hectic weeks ahead but you do not want to leave it too long otherwise the emotional value may decrease.


Change Your Name (if required)

If you have decided to change your name then handling the social media name updates is a piece of cake, but legally changing your name might be a bit trickier. Firstly, you will need your marriage or civil partnership certificate, although it will not always be a valid form of proof, but most will accept it.


If you are a wife taking your husband’s surname the process is simple enough, however, if you are a husband taking your wife’s surname, wanting to double-barrel or to combine the surnames it could be more complicated. Make sure to research which is the best option for you.


Create the album

Some photographers do not include the prints or album costs into their package deals, therefore it is time to make the album! This can be an incredibly fun and emotional process for you and your husband, remember to cherish the moment. It can also be a long process deciding which images will be featured in the album, therefore take your time and choose wisely. Once you have chosen the images you want to be featured, you can then buy an album which is suitable.


We advise choosing 20-30 of your favourite photos to be the main focus of the album. The rest of the chosen images should be sectioned into categories, e.g. getting ready, arrival of guests, the ceremony, arrival at reception, wedding breakfast, speeches, party!



The wedding planning process may have meant purchases which cannot be used after the wedding were made, now you are left with things you will never use again. Why not sell your unwanted decorations, gifts, accessories etc on an online platform such as eBay or even social media. Not only will this help declutter your overflowing loft, but it will also mean you have some money back after an expensive day!


Preserve the bouquet

If you had a floral bouquet it may be a good idea for you to preserve it, something to look back on in years to come. You could either press or frame the flowers depending on your preferences. Pressing means only a few flower strands can be preserved, however, framing allows the entire bouquet. We advise having these arrangements sorted one month before the wedding takes place to secure your preservation.


TIP: On your big day, ask the caterer/reception venue to store your bouquet safely in the fridge to preserve it.


Store the dress

We advise having your dress professionally cleaned regardless of how you plan to store it. Once it has been cleaned, roll or fold the dress in a clean white sheet in a dark and dry place- this will preserve it best. You can store it away yourself, or you could also have this preserved professionally. However, the cost of this will fluctuate depending on beadwork, length of the dress, stains etc. Even if you have the dress preserved it will need to be protected from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight and excess moisture.


Freeze the cake

Did you know you can eat your wedding day cake up to a year after the wedding? Yep. If you wish to do this, make sure to put it in the freezer as soon as you can to ensure it stays as fresh as possible.


Limit the post-wedding blues

Why not organise a post-wedding celebration; perhaps a dinner, romantic getaway or name change party? On average, weddings take 2 years to be efficiently planned. The transition from wedding planning every day for 2 years straight, to going back to normal can be a big adjustment for some brides, therefore give yourself something else to plan and build up to.


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