Not Sure Which Bridal Flowers To Choose In Essex?

No wedding day feels complete without flowers, whether they’re used to decorate tables or throw by the bride at the end of the ceremony.

An integral part of the reception and ceremony, choosing the right flowers can be more tricky than people expect.

Whether you love the traditional flower of love- roses- or want a Christmas themed bouquet, The Wedding Guide can connect you with the best suppliers in Essex.

Before choosing flowers, it’s important to set a budget and decide what your colour scheme is. Luckily, it’s never been easier to find inspiration for wedding flowers, whether through posts on Instagram and Pinterest or in glossy magazines.

Many people also like to pay attention to the season, with evergreen bouquets more popular at this time of year. A good idea is to start with the wedding bouquet which can be used to inspire your other arrangements. You can also be inspired by your choice of venue: for instance, lots of couples prefer wildflowers if it’s a countryside establishment, while others prefer flowers like roses if it’s a luxury hotel. 

The Wedding Guide has bronze, silver and gold listings so you can easily find a florist that meets your particular budget and needs.

Discover the best suppliers of bridal flowers in Essex.