“One Picture is Worth Ten Thousand Words…”

As the ancient Chinese proverb rightly states: “one picture is worth ten thousand words”. This couldn’t be more true than when it comes to advertising and selling your products or services.

The use of imagery…

Strong imagery can be the difference between your advert performing ‘okay’ to being very effective. Good use of photography can tie an entire advertising campaign together. While stock imagery has a place in advertising and marketing, it can portray a lack of originality of the product or service. One has to remember, we as consumers are bombarded by marketing messages every day and as a result can only spare a few seconds before discarding the ad completely. A great photograph, on the other hand, that resonates with your target audience will extend those precious seconds to “a click” or “search of your companies website”.

Image quality and upselling…

Providing the photograph has been taken to a high standard, it can prove incredibly effective when it comes to up-selling a product. The photography of food, for example, is not just a case of putting a bit of food on a plate and taking the photograph. To make it look appetising, the food needs to be photographed at it’s most desirable, which will involve considering the backdrop of the image:

  • Is the counter clean or grubby?
  • Is the food you’re photographing the main focal point or getting lost in amongst its surroundings?
  • Ultimately, would you buy the food that is being photographed?

A powerful image can be the difference between your businesses getting away with charging more or less than a product or service is worth. The most effective photos add value to a product and service. The product has to stand out, not disappear into the background. It needs to stand-alone from other adverts in the same field and the only way to achieve this is by using someone with a real eye for the product and its opportunities.

If you would like more advice on great photography or to find out how it can help your advertising and marketing, get in touch here.